I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and musician,
producing personal projects full-time.
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Selected projects

Sharesnip Free QR code generator and scanner.
seeds A collection of songs I love to sing
Strolling Conversations with people I meet along the way.
Fleeting Arrivals Music recommendations blog.
Easy Indie App Run your own X in a few clicks.
Joybox A pinboard for audiovisual media.
Appring A webring for web apps.
Emoji Log Measure your progress.
Garden Coming soon.
Zero Data App Own your data, all of it.
Kommit Augment your memory.
Hyperdraft Turn your text notes into a website.
Aural Short ambient audio from personal travels.
MassageTXT Convert between text and structured data.
Launchlet Customize any website with JavaScript or CSS.
Idiomatic Convert text between Markdown, HTML, and Rich Text.
OldSkool Open-source libraries written in an old style.
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