I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and musician,
producing personal projects full-time.
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Selected projects


Strolling Conversations with people I meet along the way.

Open-source Apps

Sharesnip QR code generator and scanner.
Joybox A pinboard for audiovisual media.
Emoji Log Measure your progress.
Kommit Augment your memory.
Hyperdraft Turn your text notes into a website.
Launchlet Customize any website with JavaScript or CSS.
Idiomatic Convert text between Markdown, HTML, and Rich Text.
OldSkool Open-source libraries written in an old style.
Easy Indie App Run your own X in a few clicks.
Zero Data App Own your data, all of it.
Appring A webring for web apps.
Garden Coming soon.
MassageTXT Convert between text and structured data.


seeds A collection of songs I love to sing
Fleeting Arrivals Music recommendations blog.
Aural Short ambient audio from personal travels.
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